Medicated Bath Soap, Beauty Bath Soap,
Multipurpose Soap for Bath & Laundry, Hotel Soap,

Amorish Fresh Flower

With natural fresh flower fragrance and enriched with moisturizer and vitamin E

Vasolive Smooth Skin

With natural olive oil for extra moisturizer

Amorish Total Protection

Long Lasting Germ Protection
Amorish family bath soap can protect your skin from various type of germs

Vascali Natural Beauty

With natural fragrance that will refresh your mind and whitening extract vitamin E

Skin Looks Brighter

Contains natural fragrance that will refresh your mind and whitening extract plus vitamin E


Refreshing Your Body
With natural fruit fragrance and enriched with moisturizer and vitamin E

Natural White Skin

With natural milk extract as an effective moisturizer

Vascali Almond and Milk

Pure Pampering
With almond extract, milk protein and moisturizer

Vascali Floral Sensations

Floral Senations
With natural floral sensations that will refresh your mind

Amorish Ecopack

Beautiful Skin With Fresh Flower
With natural fresh flower fragrance

VEA Beauty Soap

VEA Beauty Soap contain silk protein and extract orchid to make your skin smooth

Amorish Fruity

Soften Your Skin
With natural fruit fragrance and vitamin E

Vascali Spa

Relaxing Your Body and Mind
With natural fragrance that will refresh your mind and whitening

Red Beauty

Natural Whitening
Natural whitening soap with vitamin A, E, C and antioxidant

Vascali Plus

Total Protection
Vascali Plus family bath soap can protect your skin from various types of germs

Vascali Yuriko

Natural Green Tea Soap
With natural green tea extract which is well known as antioxidant to prevent early aging

Vascali Fruity

Tropical Delight
With natural fruit fragrance and enriched with moisturizer and vitamin E


Feel Fresh & Young
Formulated for the sensitive skin of young adolescent


Double Moistureizer
With natural honey extract as an effective moisturizer

Vilky Skin White

Skin White
With pure milk as an effective moisturizer to give you a healty and beautiful looking skin

Tropical Essense

Looks Young
Contains natural Yam Ben extract, Papaya extract and Coconut oil as effective natural agen for a beautiful skin

Vascali Gold

Beautiful Skin
With a combination of milk, rose, lavender and jasmine fragrance

Herbal Queens

Nature Herbs
With turmeric and piper betel extract, not only give you beautiful skin but also contains natural antiseptic


Natural Extract For Skin Care<>With almond oil extract as an effective whitening agent

Pearl Essence

Pearl Essence combines two natural ingredients to keep your pretty skin. Natural pearl powder and milk can brighten your skin

Hana Fresh Flower

Perfect skin with fresh flower
With natural fresh flower fragrance and enriched with moisturizer and vitamin E for your beautiful skin

MR. Soap

Cool & Fresh
Get rid of germs from your body with this soap for men

Anti Mosquito

Vascali Mosquito Soap is the ultimate shower sensation

About Us

"As The Biggest Producer of Crude Palm Oil, Indonesia has gain a reputation as the Soap Manufacturer Country. Producing more than 60.000 MTon / Month of Soap Noodle Chips, which is the main ingredient for Soap, Indonesia should be your first choice to source for Soap products. Also with the growing Free Trade Zone Area, Indonesia be comes a much more suitable partner for many importing countries where we may provide Certificate of Origin for our buyers to reduce Import Tax"

Evolving from a middle sized Chemical Company, PT. MAKRO CHEMINDO which has been well known to supply many varieties of chemical substances to various manufacturing companies, including Soap & Cosmetic companies in Indonesia, now after its 15 Years of operation had been committed to expand its business to Manufacture OEM & Branded Bar Soap under the wings of PT. SUNINDO BANGUN KERSANA as its Subsidiary.

We encourage ourselves to compete in the international market because we are confident that we have the Best Quality of Raw Materials at Lowest Price along with our Facility which has complied with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standart on our 10.000 Square Meters sized factory in Tangerang area which is the outskirt of Jakarta - Indonesia.

With our Main Brand "VASCALI' ,we may offer many varieties of Bar Soap such as :

  • - Medicated Bath Soap
  • - Beauty Bath Soap 
  • - Multipurpose Soap for Bath & Laundry
  • - Hotel Soap

For OEM Orders, you may set your own Quality, Features, Formula, Color, Fragrance and Packaging (Carton Box or Pillow Sachet) with your own brand at the lowest possible MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

Whether you are a Consumer Goods company who would like to produce Bar Soap with your Own Brand & Formula or a Trading company who would like to source for Good Quality Branded Bar Soap at Lowest Price and even if you just happen to be someone who's thinking of having a New Business dealing with Bar Soap, we believe we could be the Right Partner you've been looking for.

We welcome any inquiry, both OEM and our Branded Bar Soap. Best Service at Best Price is our Mission to serve our Buyers & Distributors. If you wish to visit our facility while in the same time enjoying the delicacies of tropical fruits and culinary of Indonesia, we may arrange your accommodation, please let us know if you have the plan. Hope our both companies may cooperate in nearest future.

Basic Information


Bussiness Type: Soap & Toiletries Industry

Product / Services: Toilet Soap

Vision Mission

Become a consumer goods company which is distinctively INDONESIA and is able to contribute to the society and the environment. The products are trustworthy and remarkable in the era of rapid business growth within domestic and international distribution networks.


1. Utilize the natural materials of INDONESIA for product innovation and produce cosmetic products using 100% natural materials in order to contribute on improving the quality of human life. By producing eco-friendly personal care products with fine quality, we aim to conquer the global market.
2. Tap into domestic and international potential distribution markets so that the product is widely available.
3. Represent Indonesia internationally by using distinctive items of Indonesia, such as in the product ingredients and in the packaging.

Contact Us

Kawasan Industri Jatake
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Cikupa Tangerang 15710 - INDONESIA

Phone: +6221 590 5593

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